Terraform commands:

  • apply: Builds or changes the infrastructure
  • console: Interactive console for Terraform interpolations
  • destroy: Destroy Terraform-managed infrastructure
  • env: Workspace management
  • fmt: Rewrites config files to a canonical format
  • get: Download and install modules for the configuration
  • graph: Create a visual graph of Terraform resources
  • import: Import existing infrastructure into Terraform
  • init: Initialize a Terraform working directory
  • output: Read output from a state file
  • plan: Generate and show an execution plan
  • providers: Prints a tree of the providers used in the configuration
  • push: Upload this Terraform module to Atlas to run
  • refresh: Update local state file against real resources
  • show: Inspect Terraform state or plan
  • taint: Manually mark a resource for recreation
  • untaint: Manually unmark a resource as tainted
  • validate: Validates the Terraform files
  • version: Prints the Terraform version
  • workspace: Workspace management